Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention

Workplace violence does not discriminate. There are many factors that contribute to its occurrence, both internal and external to an organization.  Internal threats are employee substance abuse, abusive management, disgruntled employees, toxic work environments and employee decline.  Too often, looking the other way can have a big consequence.  Common external threats are dissatisfied customers and violent partners of employees seeking to cause harm.


Education and maintaining a proactive culture is key to managing threats and eliminating incidences.  Planning “in case of” is necessary for all businesses, large and small.  Employers should have strict policies regarding appropriate conduct and it is the responsibility of management to ensure that the workplace remains a safe environment for employees. National EAP has customized workplace Violence Prevention Training Programs for employees and management.  Our seminars educates managers about the prevalence and types of workplace violence and teaches them how to recognize and respond immediately to potentially violent situations in the workplace.  Education is key to significant risk reduction.


Did an incident occur and you need to take corrective action?  Are you concerned that a repeat of the conduct may occur?  Do you wish to send a strong message to the employee that you will not tolerate inappropriate conduct in the workplace?  National EAP’s Administrative Referral Program is the perfect employee assistance and counseling solution to refer your employee to.  The EAP Specialist will conduct an assessment of the issue, the employees presenting needs and outline a recommended course of behavioral modification counseling and training.  The goal of the Administrative Referral Program is to reduce any future risk for a repeat incident and assist the employee in developing self awareness into their conduct, decision making and consequences.

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