Workplace Trauma & Loss

People’s experiences of loss and trauma are, of course, not left at the factory gate or the office door. Nor are loss and traumatic events absent from the workplace itself. Loss, grief, and trauma are very much a part of life – and that includes working life. It is shocking to learn of a colleague passing, however it is particularly shocking when a colleague dies on the job, either of natural causes or as a result of workplace incident.  This is why it is essential that executives, managers and human resource professionals are attuned to the human impact workplace trauma and loss has on individuals and the group as a whole.

Following an unexpected critical incident or traumatic event in the workplace such as a death of a co-worker, robbery, act of violence, etc., organizations can request our trained crisis responders to deliver onsite Critical Incident Response Services. We offer disaster readiness and planning services, onsite trauma intervention and debriefings, grief and response services, individual EAP Counseling sessions and leadership consultation. EAP specialists will recommend measures that your organization can implement to assist in employees recovery from the critical incident or traumatic event. During and after the debriefing process, our counselors will identify and refer those employees needing further counseling and assistance.

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