Substance Abuse

Has Substance Abuse become a problem in your organization?

Do you have an employee or manager you suspect is impaired while at work?  Have you found alcohol or drug paraphernalia in the parking lot?  Do you want to start testing your employees but are unsure where to start?  Don’t worry, National EAP can help.


National EAP’s Drug-Free Workplace Prevention and Awareness Seminars are designed to ensure federal compliance and are customized for both employee and management audiences.  Training programs are a great strategy to introduce a new company policy and are often the first step to introducing drug testing programs in the workplace.  National EAP can help you customize a drug testing program that is suited to the needs of your organization, delivering the most cost efficient strategy that is highly effective in reducing your long term organizational risk and liability.


National EAP offers multiple services to address substance abuse in the workplace, including intervention and monitoring of employees to ensure optimal work performance. When you have a critical situation involving an impaired employee, employee referral to our Administrative Referral Program has been proven to be the most effective HR strategy that achieves three major outcomes: 1) Provides the troubled employee with the tools, support and resources necessary to identify the right treatment solution to address their substance abuse issue
2) We are a third party, separating the company and HR from the oversight, details and management of the employees “intervention” and performance turnaround
3)  EAP intervention and monitoring gives the employee the best chance for effective rehabilitation, resulting in improved workplace performance, job retention and avoidance of termination of a valued employee.

D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Regulations

Employees who perform duties that are regulated by the DOT must be participants in a regular random workplace drug testing program.  When an employee fails their random test, the employer can decide what the workplace consequence is, up to and including termination.  If an organization does not terminate and wishes to retain the employee, the employee must be immediately removed from their safety sensitive position and referred to an SAP (Substance Abuse Professional). The SAP is responsible for assessment, referral of the employee to a treatment or education program and will monitor their progress.  The SAP is the person responsible for writing a letter to the company DER (Designated Employer Representative), indicating when the employee can return to a safety sensitive role and directs what their testing protocol onward should be.  If your company is in need of SAP services, please contact us today at 1-800-624-2593.


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