Health & Wellness

Working Well, Living Well

National EAP has multiple health and wellness programs to support your goal of achieving healthy employees and a “well” workplace.  Our EAP programs offer individuals easy access to no-cost EAP Counseling and online resources for employees experiencing work or personal difficulties that may be adversely affecting their health.

Many of our clients combine our Wellness Coaching Program with their EAP to deliver a one stop solution for their employees.  Our certified wellness coaches gently support, guide and hold clients accountable to their healthier lifestyle practices. Members of National EAP can also benefit from our customized on-site Wellness Seminars, webinars and 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art online member database, which features approximately 8,000 articles, wellness center, training center, savings center, legal forms, searchable work/life resource locators and more.

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