Harassment Prevention & Intervention

Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue for individuals and organizations.  Despite the progress that has been made since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, many forms of harassing incidents still occur in the workplace.  From racial conflicts, unrequited attraction to sexist attitudes, the workplace can turn from being a safe and friendly environment to a hostile workplace all too quickly.  Companies that have poorly written policies and/or fail to train their management and employees properly are leaving themselves vulnerable.

Training is key

National EAP offers sexual and other forms of Harassment Prevention Training to train your workforce and reduce your risk of having inappropriate conduct occur.  Attendees learn what constitutes harassment, impact in the workplace, personal responsibility and what steps to take if they believe they are involved in a harassment situation.  Customized training for management is available and recommended at a minimum bi-annually.

Did an Incident Occur?

If you have an employee who engaged in conduct that may be perceived as harassment, it is imperative your workplace take swift and clear action to address it and take whatever measures necessary to reduce the risk of another incident.  As an alternative to termination, National EAP’s Administrative Referral Program is often the right post incident intervention, mixing a blend of education and work performance change counseling for employees who have crossed the line.  This psycho-educational program is highly effective in addressing and remediating inappropriate workplace conduct.  To find out if this program is the right solution for your situation, call National EAP today at 1-800-624-2593.

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