Employee Conflict

Recognizing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Two person or team conflicts are a distraction in the workplace and a drain on productivity and morale.  Without corrective action, the behavior often grows worse as the conflict deepens.  The root of most conflict is a breakdown in communication, a failure to understand the others needs and a lot of false conclusions stemming from assumption and gossip.   Key to resolving conflict is:

  1. establishing a safe environment to create willingness of all involved to find a solution
  2. unearthing the root cause of the conflict
  3. teaching new communication skills
  4. engaging all participants in active listening
  5. establishing agreements and rules for how to interact effectively going forward


National EAP provides multiple solutions to address and resolve the burgeoning issue. HR and management personnel can utilize our Administrative Referral Program to guide and support successful individual employee outcomes. Our On-site Mediation Program delivers on-site conflict resolution counseling and services to address and resolve conflict or hostility between two or more employees. To ensure long-term solutions, HR and management can follow up with our innovative leadership and teamwork training seminars and Coaching services.

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