Management Essentials

So Now You Are a Manager!

This is one of our most requested leadership training programs.

It is conducted on-site over a course of 2 days, and follows a blended learning approach.  You also can break out the components and offer the content over time.

This training was designed to equip your managers and supervisors who are in leadership roles, but have not gone through a formal management training program, with the tools they need to become an exceptional manager and leader.

Training Objectives

 Participation in this training will teach managers and supervisors:

  • How to Communicate More Effectively and Efficiently
  • How to Give and Receive Constructive Criticism
  • The Art of Conflict Resolution
  • How to Motivate Teams
  • Time Management Strategies


Participation in this training will allow managers and supervisors to:

  • Identify their management style (DISC)
  • Use effective feedback to deal with difficult employees
  • Understand motivation and how to get people to do their job willingly and well
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Be better able to resolve conflict
  • Understand why, when, and how to discipline employees
  • Adopt the approach of how to listen, problem solve and delegate
  • Communicate more effectively with employees
  • Be better able to give and receive constructive criticism
  • Manage time effectively and efficiently
  • Increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


To request leadership training for your organization, contact Dona Rutowicz, LMSW, Director of Business Solutions at 1-800-624-2593 ext. 14.


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