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  Application Form

  We're always expanding our team of quality partners with qualified people.
  If you are a leading clinician, psychologist, psychiatrist, workplace trainer, executive/life coach, nutritionist, eldercare specialist, neurologist, CISD certified professional, Nurse Practitioner, EAP Specialist, financial planner, debt counselor, childcare specialists/center or other health and wellness specialist, we want to hear from you.
Click on the link to the left to print the provider application form. Applications must be submitted with a copy of providers' resume, professional licenses and evidence of current malpractice insurance. Applications are mailed to the National EAP headquarters.
You will be contacted by a National EAP representative to confirm receipt of your application and status. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-624-2593.
Partner with National EAP to enjoy these benefits:
Collaborate with highly experienced EAP staff and systems
Gain referrals to your services from National EAP, Inc.
Provide NEAP training or other specialized service in your locale
Minimal paperwork and prompt payment