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Employee Support for Work/Life Issues

When a legal issue, financial matter, or identity theft disrupts your life, it can create substantial stress and challenges for employees and members of their household. If these issues are left unresolved, they often interfere with job performance and productivity as the employee spends hours on the phone trying to find the right resource to solve their problem.  Through National EAP’s array of high quality customized Work/Life Services, we provide valuable referrals and immediate consultation services connecting your employees to the experts they need, eliminating employee distractions and redirecting their focus back to their workplace.

General Work/Life Resource and Referral

National EAP’s work/life member website offers online access to a wide range of resources regarding the topics that matter most to you and your family. Log in to your member website to read the most up-to-date downloadable articles and tip sheets. The self-search provider database provides customized referrals to:

  • Childcare Services
  • Older Adult Services
  • Adoption Services
  • Education Services
  • Pet Services

Our member website also features monthly webinars, skill builders on various work/life topics, a robust savings center that provides discounts on brand-name merchandise, plus a relocation center, Care Space for caregivers and legal and financial center with free downloadable legal forms.  Content is available in English and Spanish and in a variety of languages for international clients.

Legal and Financial Consultation

If there is an important legal or financial matter concerning you, call National EAP today to see how we can help.  National EAP contracts with a nationwide network of attorneys to provide no cost 30 minute in person or telephonic consultation for a wide range of legal concerns. National EAP will match the member with a legal consultant who conducts the intake, confirms appropriateness and availability of the lawyer, and follows up to ensure client satisfaction and resolution. If the member wishes to retain the lawyer, they can do so with a 25% rate reduction from normal and customary fees.

Qualified financial counselors and educators are available at no cost to employees and consultation is unlimited. Finance experts provide confidential counseling sessions and address an individual’s specific concerns which often result in a written plan of action.  Members can seek assistance for simple or complicated financial issues, such as: setting up a budget, purchasing a home, managing credit card debt, understanding foreclosure, etc.

I.D. Theft Recovery & Prevention Consultation

A growing problem throughout the world, many people have experienced or know someone who has confronted identity theft. Our experts help employees quickly recover from identity theft and learn how to avoid it in the future. Register yourself and household family members with CreditKarma – an  online monitoring program to receive periodic emails with information and alerts if your ID is threatened. Members may also call for an ID theft consultation with one of our certified consumer credit counselors.

Child & Elder Care Referrals

Many caregivers are challenged with knowing what step to take in appropriate eldercare planning or crisis response.  Parents struggle with the demands of their home and workplace, juggling baby sitters and daycare centers.  National EAP is here to help.  Members seeking assistance with child care or eldercare issues can call National EAP or log onto the member website to search for qualified referrals to experts in their area.

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