Substance Abuse Management

Drug-Free Workplace Seminars

The Drug-Free Workplace Act requires employers to establish a drug-free awareness program to educate employees about the dangers of drug abuse, as well as the specifics of their policy. While the act does not specify a particular format for the nature of the awareness program, there are several to consider. Many organizations find it beneficial to implement workplace policy training and seminars to address the costs and effects of substance abuse in the workplace. With a range of programs focused on prevention, policy development, training and intervention, our Drug-Free Workplace policy trainings are offered on-site and via the Internet. Training programs can be customized to directly address the needs of your organization.

Individual Employee Intervention

When an employee tests positive on a drug screening test or presents with behavioral indicators that indicate the employee may be impaired, National EAP’s Administrative Referral Program is an effective alternative to termination.   Employers can administratively refer their employee to National EAP as part of a corrective action plan to address the policy violation or workplace safety risks.  National EAP will provide assessment, counseling, qualified referrals for the appropriate level of medical services and monitor employee’s compliance.  Bi-weekly reports are provided to employers reporting employee’s attendance, compliance and progress.  Utilizing The Administrative Referral Program enables your organization to effectively address the employee issue by providing external resources that keep Human Resources removed from the details and out of a counselor role.

SAP Evaluations for DOT Compliance

Organizations who must comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations can count on our master’s level Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) to deliver expert SAP assessment, treatment planning and monitoring for all employees who have failed a workplace drug test.

Workplace Drug Testing Services

To best serve its clients, National EAP has a strategic partnership with an expert drug testing company that delivers customized solutions based on your organization’s needs.  On-site oral swab testing is the leading cutting edge strategy to eliminate wasted work time traveling to and from a laboratory and eliminates the issue of “shy bladder”.  The program includes full administration from start to finish of your testing program and is available for pre-employment, random post accident, return to duty and reasonable suspicion events.  With an external testing program administrator who selects your random participants, your organization is removed from all issues of “chain of custody” disputes and potential discrimination allegations.

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