Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP is an effective, results driven confidential resource for employees/members struggling with issues that interfere or pose a threat to their work performance. Our EAP’s masters level clinicians deliver expert assessment, brief counseling and provide referrals as needed. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide compassionate care and immediate assistance. And, you never have to pay for these services because they are prepaid by your employer organization.

What An EAP Member Can Expect When They Call

All members who contact National EAP for assistance will receive a thorough assessment to identify the client’s problem(s), examine options, identify goals, and develop an EAP service plan to address the areas of concern.  All EAP and Work/Life services are accessed by dialing our toll free number and online in the member website section.  Telephonic, on-line and in person services are available in Spanish also.  All efforts will be made to accommodate other languages as needed.  The EAP service plan can include 1 or more of the following services, depending on your EAP program design:

  • Short-term, solution focused in person or telephonic EAP counseling
  • Case management services
  • Legal & financial consultation or referrals
  • ID theft recovery consultation
  • Eldercare and childcare referrals
  • Research and informational support
  • Crisis management
  • Qualified referrals to specialized providers
  • Wellness coaching
  • Lactation consultation

EAP is available to assist members with a variety of work or personal problems such as conflict with peer/supervisor, stress and anxiety, family and marital conflicts, emotional difficulties, alcohol/drug problems, financial/legal difficulties, childcare and eldercare needs, or any issue that may affect work-place performance.

EAP services are available nationwide through our network of EAP providers.   EAP sessions are provided for non-medical issues when short-term solution focused counseling can be effective or to stabilize a crisis.  When it appears there is the presence of a long term or medical issue, EAP will assist the client in identifying the appropriate specialized services they require, such as a psychiatric or substance abuse specialist and provide qualified referrals.  EAP will then monitor for member satisfaction and progress.

What HR Can Expect

Reliability.  Strategic Partner.  Excellence.  National EAP is Human Resources’ strategic partner in tackling complicated employee issues or organizational challenges as they arise.  The EAP team is a valuable resource that problem solves, troubleshoots and provides solutions for Human Resources.  Our team is always available to provide HR Consultation, coaching and supporting you through the toughest workplace challenges.
National EAP makes it a priority to learn about your organizational demands so your EAP service plan is individualized to ensure effective utilization of EAP services and your return on investment.  Your Account Manager is your partner in assessing and designing an EAP organizational plan that targets your specific needs, including an ongoing EAP marketing plan, scheduling of on-site or web-based training program, planning of organizational initiatives, Critical Incident Response planning , absenteeism and disability management strategies, and employee referrals.

EAP Program Marketing Strategies

Marketing is key to the success of your EAP program.  The National EAP orientation plan is developed in partnership with your organization to ensure success of program implementation and long-term member utilization of the EAP. We offer a variety of EAP roll out and ongoing marketing strategies for clients:

  • Employee Orientation. Onsite and/or e-training orientation sessions are available to orient employees to their EAP service. National EAP provides marketing materials including a brochure and ID card for distribution to each employee.  National EAP recommends annual re-orientation sessions in order to ensure optimal utilization of EAP services.
  • Management Orientation & Training. National EAP recommends specialized EAP training for all supervisors/managers regarding the scope of EAP services and how they can strategically utilize the program to target workplace issues.  The management training session teaches management how to spot red flag behaviors and how to appropriately suggest or administratively refer employees to EAP to maximize outcomes for both the organization and the employee.  This training is paramount to the long term success of our clients’ Employee Assistance Programs and delivers the largest ROI.
  • Electronic Marketing. National EAP has multiple strategies to support our clients electronic marketing of their program, including monthly e-flyers featuring the member website “Topic of the Month” and its corresponding webinar.  National EAP can provide your company with a live link to our member website for your employee intranet so that your employees have direct access to our rich database of resources.  Your member website can also be customized with your company logo and other material that you wish to include.
  • Quarterly E-Newsletter. National EAP distributes quarterly e-newsletters addressing topics relating to the workplace and employee well-being.
  • Visual Marketing Aids.  EAP posters and webinar calendars are available for posting throughout all company locations.
  • Benefit Fairs. National EAP will exhibit at your health and benefit fair or during employee training days to meet with employees and explain their program in a personalized 1:1 setting.


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