Critical Incident Services

Every organization at some point experiences an event that deeply impacts its employees, shaking their employees sense of safety to the core and throwing the workplace equilibrium off.  During critical times like these, it is essential that the organization address the human impact of the event and deal with the issues head on.  Organizations that fail to consider the emotional consequences of the event on their employees risk permanent damage to their employees engagement and loyalty to the organization.

Critical Event Consultation

When an environmental disaster or internal critical event impacts your workplace, National EAP will immediately partner with your organization’s leadership to construct an effective Critical Incident Human Impact Response Plan that offers compassionate support and custom tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our consultation includes creating an effective response plan that will not only return the organization back to business faster but will also boost employees’ organizational allegiance.

Critical Incident Response Services (CIR)

National EAP will deliver on-site CIR services customized to the specific needs of the event.  On-site CIR services can take several forms including debriefing groups, bereavement groups, leadership debriefing and/or 1:1 private sessions.  The goal of CIR is to provide employee support, normalize common reactions they may be experiencing and assist the individuals in identifying their positive coping skills to help themselves and others in moving forward.  CIR services is an effective tool to communicate organizational support of its employees and engage employees in voluntary EAP counseling for ongoing support. During and after the debriefing process, our counselors will identify and refer those employees needing further counseling and assistance.

Reduction in Force Services – Pre, During & Post

If your organization faces a challenge posed by Reduction-In-Force (RIF), National EAP will design and deliver a comprehensive program that covers your organization through the RIF cycle, including pre-planning, the on-site event and post-RIF services. Assessing and containing risk—both organizational and behavioral—is crucial to the process. National EAP delivers services that address the needs of distinct groups, including the downsized employees, the employees remaining, and management/supervisors concerned with continuity and productivity. EAP employee termination services include short-term counseling pre/during and post event to move the individual through the shock of the loss and to support their action planning.

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