Administrative Referral Program

Human Resources’ #1 Performance Management Tool

National EAP’s Administrative Referral Program is truly a partnership between employee, organization and EAP. When you need to address and resolve serious employee behavioral or mental health issues that without intervention would result in employee termination, you can count on National EAP’s Administrative Referral Program for personalized HR consultation and guidance to support successful employee outcomes. The National EAP team is experienced in addressing, monitoring and resolving all types of work performance, safety or policy violation issues and particularly when clients have been referred due to addiction issues and require lengthy monitoring to ensure policy compliance and to reduce organizational risk.

Human Resources and management personnel can administratively refer high-risk employees to our Administrative Referral Program for policy violation issues such as excessive absenteeism, declining performance and substance abuse. Utilization of this program protects the organization from potential liability and reduces turnover and disability claims.

As a result, the employee receives:

  • Intensive EAP assessment
  • Short-term solution focused EAP counseling to address workplace concerns
  • EAP qualified referrals to specialty or medical services as needed
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with workplace expectations and any medical provider recommendations
  • Bi-weekly reports are provided (employee consent must be received to participate) to the organization, documenting employee participation and progress and compliance with EAP recommendations

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