Is Your Workplace Toxic?

I am willing to bet most people reading this have “done time” in a toxic workplace.  You may still be working in one.  If so, I offer my greatest sympathy to you.  Toxic workplaces are the enemy of creativity, inspiration, productivity, health, confidence and good behavior.  There are many contributing factors, four of which I identified with Laura Sikorski this week on her Talk ShowSikorski’s Think Abouts.  You can watch it here to see if you have any of these key contributors in your work environment.

Essential to recognizing that your workplace may indeed be toxic or heading in that direction, it is important to remember that IT CAN BE CHANGED!  If you are a leader, ask yourself today:

What can I do to turn around this workplace culture? 

Frankly, employees are relying on you to pay attention to it and make the changes necessary.  Positive change begins at the top and your ability to role model, set expectations, hold management and employees accountable is key to a positive workplace culture.

Management and employees can change their behavior; we see it here everyday at EAP as they bravely confront the realities of their behavior or work performance.

However, as a leader you have to create a road map for your employees to follow, give them the tools and training to make the leap and when things still don’t change, it’s your job to make the tough decision to say goodbye to the toxicity makers.

It is essential as leaders that we ask ourselves these tough questions and examine our workplace.  Healthy workplaces take WORK! 

Think about it.  What kind of place do you want to show up to everyday?  If you are in leadership and have the power to influence your workplace, then get honest about where things are today and where they could be.  And don’t let the belief that it can’t be done or it will be too hard stop you.  Every journey begins with a first step.    

At National EAP we have many services and resources available to turn around your people and culture from top to bottom.   As always, I am happy to offer my expertise and guidance to help you create your own road map to a better workplace culture.  You are welcome to call me at (800)624-2593 Ext. 26 or email at 

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