Always Grateful

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” – Thornton Wilder

It is with deep gratitude that I write this today to thank YOU, our clients, colleagues and friends.

2016 was a very exciting year for us as we welcomed many new clients from across the nation and close to home.  We are privileged to serve the largest number of companies in our 35 year history, who range in corporate size from 10 employees to over 15,000 employees and span all industry types!

Our concierge care and strategic partnership with Human Resources and leadership remain the hallmark of our business and your endorsement of National EAP to your colleagues has been the key driver of our success. It is our privilege to have you as our raving fans and we thank you for all your support!

You understand that we are not simply an “EAP”. We are Workplace Change Agents, facilitating individual and organizational transformation at the highest level.

We are flexible, responsive and ever expanding “how” we can take care of your business needs.

Our unique Coaching services are unlike any other as it combines our expertise as mental health counselors, mediators, leadership trainers and HR Consultants for sustainable growth.

Our Reduction-in-Force services not only include Human Impact Planning but also Outplacement Programs on Interviewing Skills, Using Social Media and Resume Writing.

For 2017 we have more new and exciting services launching, including our new Anger Management Certified Programs and our two day transformative Leadership Masterclass: Rising to Excellence program.

This is why we are not simply an “EAP”.  EAP is a bit of a misnomer in a marketplace filled with insurance run EAP’s.  National EAP continues its dedication to the ART of EAP, with effective interventions and true compassionate care.

It is our privilege to deliver this mission driven work for you and with you.

Aoifa and Team….aka “The Workplace Gladiators” 🙂

EAP Member        Employers

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