Why an EAP?

Custom-Solutions for Employee Issues

Many employees struggle with a multitude of life issues that they bring to work everyday.  Grief, marital discord, substance abuse, financial stress: these are just a few of the common issues that wreak havoc on an individual’s ability to remain productive and focused.  Unattended to, an individual’s issues become your workplace problem as their ongoing productivity suffers, teamwork breaks down and risk and liability issues begin to grow.

Smart businesses implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) so their employees have easy access to a confidential, no cost assistance program that offers a diverse range of solutions to support the employee back to a place of health and productivity. Without EAP, many employees suffer for far too long as they do not know where to get help, and taking that first step seems terrifying.  They fail to reach out to friends and family for guidance as shame and stigma holds them back.  With a comprehensive EAP, your employees can reach out 24/7 and begin their journey towards positive behavioral and lifestyle change.

Why National EAP?

By choosing National EAP, not only will you be choosing a top quality EAP provider for your employees, you will be selecting a strategic partner for your organization that is your coach and consultant regarding complicated behavioral health issues as they arise throughout the year.  With National EAP, you will have immediate access to our customized organizational services including Critical Incident Response, workplace training, individual performance management counseling, substance abuse management programson-site conflict mediation services and wellness programs.

What’s the Return on Investment with EAP?

Recent study: When the data of 4,707 EAP clients in 2012 was investigated, it was found that a company would get an average Return on Investment (ROI) of $10,187.99 in productivity improvements per year for each employee who uses an EAP. The study found that upon employee completion of the EAP, employee absenteeism dropped by 32%, emotional well-being increased by 87% and morale and motivation in the workplace improved by 51%.  Productivity in the workplace was found to have increased by over 25%.

Bottom line: providing Employee Assistance Programs is a smart business investment in the long term success of your employees and your company.

Source: The Journal of Employee Assistance 1Q: 2014: Vol 44 No. 1


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