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That’s what we provide to our clients every day. Read what individuals and organizations have to say about their experience with National EAP, Inc.

Human Resources & Company Testimonials

“For over 20 years, whenever the need arises, I have utilized the NEAP to seek advice and opinions on both business and personal challenges; for counseling services; to deliver management and employee presentations and training services; and for employee referrals. When I contact the NEAP, the staff is always welcoming, listens to the issues, and offers sound and helpful guidance.In short, the NEAP is a great resource for the employer, employee, and the employee’s family members.”

“A well ran operation that cares about their mission! They are extremely helpful in all the services they offer.”

“National EAP is an amazing organization. Their level of service is outstanding and the range of topics are incredible!”

“NEAP’s team is excellent. From customer service to skillsets of staff, I highly recommend them.”

“National EAP Services were very helpful in providing aid to an employee in need. Their management training program was able to assist me through normalizing the issues of being in a supervisory position across multiple disciplines.”

National EAP provides creative and out of the box thinking to help resolve so many issues that are not items an organization should have to deal with directly.”   National EAP HR Client Survey

Employee/Member Testimonials

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided by National EAP.  Everyone I spoke to was very friendly, helpful and the follow-up was outstanding.” 

“The EAP Specialist assisted me through a difficult time at my job.  With the support provided I was able to improve my communications and interactions with my staff.  The experience exceeded my expectations and the guidance provided is continuing to be beneficial even after the services have concluded.”

“EAP helped guide me to the services I needed to get back on track, be successful in my recovery and ultimately save my employment status from suspension or termination.”

“I was skeptical of EAP services but in the end the classes online that I had taken and speaking to my EAP Specialist was incredible and really did help.  In the 6 sessions I really have learned a lot about myself and how to deal with the things I need to properly.”

“National EAP services helped me immensely.  My counselor was personable and made me feel comfortable talking to them. My experience was very positive.”

National EAP thanks all the clients who completed the 2016 Satisfaction surveys and who gave their permission for use of their testimonials.

EAP Member        Employers

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