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Our History

About National EAP

490Wheeler PhotoEstablished in 1982 as Long Island’s pioneer Employee Assistance Provider (EAP), National EAP offers a vast array of comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs and organizational services to address workplace behavior for clients in Long Island, New York and around the globe. As the largest private EAP headquartered on Long Island, our team of EAP specialists are highly trained in assessing organizational management and employee issues and delivering confidential, effective solutions to develop and maintain a healthy and thriving workforce. Our clinicians are available 24/7/365 to provide unparalleled support and problem-solving strategies for workplace performance issues, critical incidents and organizational concerns. Through our customized EAP support programs and HR & Management consultation services, we keep clients satisfied by helping them minimize their potential liabilities and risks, and maximize the productivity of their most valuable asset — their employees.

Our Philosophy

People. Partners. Productivity.

At National EAP, we truly care about the people we serve. We are passionate about helping your organization and its people reach their fullest potential for productivity. Our dedicated team of EAP Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to personally answer your calls and deliver high quality, cost-effective, confidential counseling and Critical Incident Response (CIR) services with sensitivity, compassion and understanding. When critical incidents occur in the workplace, we provide companies and their workforces the essential resources, trusted guidance and critical support to navigate through on-the-job and personal crisis and trauma and the many other challenges that inhibit a company’s or an individual’s growth.

As a strategic partner in organizational management, we’ve designed many innovative counseling, training and coaching programs to assist in prevention, early intervention and treatment for individuals whose job performance is affected by any number of work/life situations. Committed to building a positive workplace culture, we understand that your organization’s ultimate longevity is tied to its proactive approach to problem-solving and addressing high-risk issues before they become overwhelming. That’s why you can count on National EAP to provide custom-tailored EAP programs and solutions that decrease liability and behavioral risk and boost utilization rates for successful employee outcomes.

Our Mission

Fostering Growth, Maximizing Potential

For more than 35 years, National EAP has been solely dedicated to the health and well-being of our clients nationally and internationally. Our core mission is to foster positive growth and development of employees/members so they can reach their fullest potential through the delivery of an array of high quality behavioral health, training and educational programs and services.

Our Values

Valuing Relationships, Ensuring Client Confidentiality

Dedicated to the highest clinical standards and level of service in the EAP industry, National EAP values the personal relationship it has with each of its clients and holds their trust and confidence in the highest regard. Our commitment to our clients begins with the first phone call and ends when the problem has been solved. National EAP cannot disclose information that would reveal the identification of any member without written consent from the member. We comply with all HIPAA regulations and ensure client confidentiality at all times (except in cases of threat of suicide/homicide life threatening situations or otherwise determined by HIPAA).

Our Clinical Standards

All members of our clinical staff possess at least a Master’s degree, with additional areas of expertise. Each clinician has many years of experience in his or her field, and is licensed at the highest level in their region. We work with top certified financial counselors, attorneys, and eldercare specialists to provide the finest Work/Life resources available.

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